Increase the im•pact of your team 

With tailored workshops

Learn together. Strengthen team cohesion.

Workshops strengthen your team in two ways: outside of operational business, where it is not possible to reflect on your own way of working, your teams benefit from content-related skills and at the same time from the experience of working together on specific topics.

A break with purpose.

If required, I develop with you suitable work formats and topics in the areas of leadership, communication and personal development.


The structure of my workshops is a balanced mix of

Input sequences 

  • Theory
  • Scientific foundations 
  • Real lief examples


  • Individual, pair and group exercises
  • Reflection sequences in the plenum
  • If applicable, recognized test procedures

Transfer into everyday life

  • Specifying own goals
  • Support to deepen the workshop content "from tomorrow".

Topics for example

Giving feedback

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Giving feedback often challenges us. Some avoid it until the situation can no longer be resolved, others are so direct that they leave broken pieces behind. Is there nothing in between?

In this workshop I will show you ways to give both positive and negative feedback.

Self-leadership comes before leadership

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“Only those who can lead themselves can lead others” cannot be repeated often enough. What does it mean specifically?

In this workshop you will identify your preferences, how you live emotions and express them, how you (want to) deal with expectations of yourself, of others and from others. You will also learn how to integrate the “yourself” factor into your leadership style.

Women leadership

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In some cases, women do not communicate clearly about their goal to advance in their careers.

In this workshop, we will discuss in greater depth the most common reasons and obstacles as well as develop strategies to overcome them.

For women who want to move forward and for managers who want to promote women of their teams.

Unfold potential 

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A team is often like a treasure chest that contains the unexpected and unknown. Often your team members are unaware of their own strengths and talents. As a manager, it is your role to identify and develop these.

This workshop is about strengths and talents. I'll show you ways to bring these to light and develop them.

Assertivness and impact

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Fear plays a big role in life. It usually pops up when you least need them and can unnecessarily jeopardize an important presentation, a decisive conversation, etc. Are you really at their mercy?

This workshop is about fear: reasons, expectations, perfectionism and the conflict between reality and imagination. You will also identify ways to integrate fear and overcome its negative effects.

Solving conflicts

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What is your company’s conflict culture? Avoided or destructive conflicts can cause high costs for collaboration and ultimately for the company.

This workshop is about recognizing conflicts and facing them. Address and process them in order to work out a good solution with everyone involved.

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